Feathered Masks
​Venetian Masks
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Custom Feathered Masks
Carnival, Mardi Gras, Halloween and masqued balls all require a fabulous mask. You'll want to surprise your friends, reveal an alter ego, or hide your identity as aristocrats often did in Venice - in order to attend the festivities anonymously.

At FANFARE we draw on this global tradition to offer you customizable Venetian-style feathered masks. Work with us to design one to complement an evening gown or cummerbund, your partner's mask, or in the traditional green, purple and yellow of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Anticipate 3-4 weeks for delivery of custom masks.

Visit us on Facebook to see additional masks and fans with exciting feathered accents. 

Feathered masks can be crafted to represent animals, historic figures, different cultures or imaginary creatures.
Venetian masks are made of paper mache and come in full or half mask as well as on sticks. They are feathered to your specifications.
Mask and Fan Sets
Celebrate in true Venetian fashion with a feather mask and coordinating feather fan to match your evening attire.
​Design Your Mask