About 8" tall and 10" across, this fan fits neatly on side tables, in a tote or on a car seat. The handle is 5 1/2 " long and ribbon covered. Feathers curve inward.
Holiday Fans
Custom Colors
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About Our ​Feathered Fans
Fanfare fans are designed to refresh, celebrate, coordinate and lift your spirit. Invented by nature, feathers provide maximum air flow with a minimum of effort. Our feather fans are available in three sizes and any color you can imagine. Anticipate 2-3 weeks for delivery.
A little larger at 10"x14", the beach fan can match your swimsuit, accent your whites, or go along in a golf cart . Its breeze is sweeping!.
Available in all three sizes, beach, original or mini, holiday fans make unique and flattering hostess gifts for friends and family. 
Want to celebrate a promotion, support a friend, shower a bride or a new mother. Gather her fan club! Email us for details on favors, gifts and ideas.
Bridal showers and wedding festivities are natural fan affairs. The bride will need a fan, her mother and of course her new MOH. This is a mini fan which measures 5" tall and 7" wide.
Imagine arriving at the convention with your custom designed fans in official colors. What a great way to celebrate sisterhood and support of your mission.
Mini fans measure approximately 5" tall and 7" wide. Mini fans lie flat. Both decorative and functional they fit easily on a desk at the office or on a nightstand.
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