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Necessity is truly the mother of invention. I was going to a concert in the park and worried that the steamy summer evening would make me too miserable to enjoy the show. I knew I needed a fan. I started listing, in my mind, all the things I wanted the fan to be: large enough to actually produce a breeze, efficient so that I wouldn't have to work very hard to get a breeze, pretty - really pretty so it would add to my outfit, and made of real feathers. Off to the craft store I went. 

 I designed a fan on a flexible base that took advantage of the feathers' natural curve without damaging their beauty. The size and shape of that fan is found in our catalogue as the Original FANFARE Fan. Not long after, I was invited to a masquerade birthday party and knew immediately that I wanted a fan and a mask. At both the concert and the party, men and women, were asking where they could find fans and masks like mine. My fan had fans!

A few garden parties, fan affairs, fat tuesday parties, graduations and seasonal requests later and we're launching FANFARE. Today we can offer much higher quality feathers than those I bought for my first fan, along with custom colors and personalized designs. Have a look around and see what tickles your fancy. Send me an e-mail with questions or when you're ready to place an order.

Thank you for joining us on this maiden voyage. Wishing you refreshing breezes and many, many, colorful fans!